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Mica Parts

Mica Parts

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    BLCD focus on solutions of quality mica and service according to customer's individual requirements. We invest various deep-process equipments such as punching, drilling, milling and CNC machine. We currently have the ability to make different complicated customized mica parts including mica washers and spacers, mica flanges and discs, mica gaskets, mica tubes and other machined mica parts or components.


    We can supply mica parts as per the drawings provided by the customers at affordable prices.

Application area

    All such various parts are applied in industries of household appliance, metallurgy, and petrochemical, locomotive, automobile, rail transit, military and shipbuilding.


    It's according to size of product or specific requirement from customer.

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Phone: +86 135 5410 7427

Tel:+86 027 6527 9286


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