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    BLCD produce premium quality mica washers, spacers and seats. These mica parts are available in flat sheet form and can also be cut, stamped and punched in accordance with shape, size, design and thickness specified all according to the customer's specifications / drawings. Mica washers can withstand temperatures ranging from 130℃ to 1000℃.

    We can supply washers as per the drawings provided by the customers at affordable prices.


    Size: available in flat sheet form can be cut, drilled, grinded, milled and punched specifically designed with close dimensional tolerance.

    Mica wishes of special specifications can also be made according to customers'drawings.


    Phlogopite mica sheet or Muscovite mica sheet and etc.

Application area

    Electronic industry, Electronic end users, etc.


    According to size of product or specific requirement from customer.



Phone: +86 135 5410 7427

Tel:+86 027 6527 9286


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