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Mica Roll

Mica Roll for Furnace

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    Mica Roll is especially pressed mica product, which is made of Phlogopite mica paper, glass cloth, harmless ceramic fiber, and silicon resin.

    It consist of the most heat resistant Phlogopite mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth or film as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a specially selected high temperature resistant silicone elastomer.


    ● Phlogopite mica paper+glass fiber cloth+phlogopite mica, which is easy to cut to service different sizes of furnances;

    ● Glass fiber cloth+ phlogopite mica paper+ fiber cloth;

    ● Glass fiber cloth+ phlogopite mica paper;

    ● Glass fiber cloth+ phlogopite mica paper+ceranic fiber paper;

    Phlogopite mica roll is a specially pressed mica product which is made of phlogopite mica paper and silicon resin. The thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 0.8mm, breakdown voltage is above 15KV, tensile strength is above N/15mm and temperature resistance is above 800℃.

Mica Roll


    ● Outstanding electrical insulation performance at high temperature. It can ensure no breakdown within 90 minutes under the environment of temperature 750 ~ 950℃ and voltage 600 ~ 1000V;

    ● High tensile strength, high flexibility suitable for high speed standard taping equipment;

    ● The unique magnesium containing Phlogopite mineral renders mica roll the best flame-resisting characteristics;

    ● Good environmental performance, no asbestos, no toxic gas under high temperature.


    ● Silip-plane: mica with strengthening material, pliable and tough to process to a different shape;

    ● Safety-Layer: Fire-resistant and protect coil against the refractory material;

    ● Separating-layer: Barrier and protector;

    ● Isolation-layer: Electrical and thermal protection;

    ● Fastening gasket and washer: Tough and special contraction design for industrial use;

    ● Combine with Casi Paper, ceramic mat: For industrial furnace and customized product.

Standard Supply

    Standard width: minimum 0.18mm;

    Standard length: 100M, 500M;

    As per required length & dimension for traverse wound spool;

    Standard core: 76mm ( 120mm optional);

    Availability: can be customized according to customers' required dimension.


    Moisture-proof PE film + cartons+ fumigation free cases;

    Acceptable customized packing according to customer's requirements.


    Proper storage with temperature ≤40℃ and humidity ≥60% with BLCD MICA original package.

Technical Data

Thickness Density(g/m2) Dielectric Strength Roll Width Roll Length
0.18mm 245g/㎡ >2kV 1000mm 20m/25m/40m/50m/100m
0.3mm 460g/㎡ >3kV 1000mm 20m/25m/40m/50m/100m
0.4mm 650g/㎡ >4kV 1000mm 20m/25m/40m/50m/100m
0.5mm 800g/㎡ >5 kV 1000mm 20m/25m/40m/50m/100m
0.6mm 945g/㎡ >6 kV 1000mm 20m/25m/40m/50m/100m
0.7mm 1050g/㎡ >7 kV 1000mm 20m/25m/40m/50m/100m
0.8mm 1175g/㎡ >8 kV 1000mm 20m/25m/40m/50m/100m

    ● Specific products could be made according to customers' requirements.

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