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Mica Tape

Calcined Muscovite Mica Tape

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    Calcined Muscovite Mica Tape consist of high quality muscovite mica paper bonded to reinforced materials of electrical glass cloth or Polyethylene film as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a selected high temperature resistant silicone resin.


    Process of calcination is to heat the selected natural muscovite raw mineral materials with high temperature to improve the stability of chemical composition by removing the water crystallization and impurities which affect negatively the dielectric strength and temperature resistance. Such processing renders BLCD calcined muscovite mica tape the following characteristics:

    ○ Extreme temperature resistance;

    ○ Superior flexibility suitable for high speed taping on small diameter conductor;

    ○ Excellent electrical insulation properties;

    ○ Halogen free and non-toxic.


    BLCD Calcined Muscovite Mica Tape are generally applied directly cover conductors, with mica facing the copper to act the ultimate electrical insulation in event of unexpected fire.

    BLCD Calcined Muscovite Mica Tape is solution for all essential and emergency systems when circuit integrity must be maintained during and after a fire. It is recommended solution for cable including:

    - Submarine cables;

    - Marine cables;

    - Power cables;

    - Control cables;

    - Instrumentation cables;

    - Signaling cables.

Standard Supply

    Standard width: minimum 4mm;

    Standard length: 330M/pad,500M/pad,1000M/pad;

    As per required length & dimension for traverse wound spool;

    Standard core: 76mm (120mm optional);

    Availability: Customized mica tape is available in accordance with size, design and thickness specified by the customers.


    Moisture-proof PE film + cartons+ fumigation free cases;

    Acceptable customized packing according to customer's requirements.


    Proper storage with temperature ≤40℃ and humidity ≥60% with BLCD MICA original package.

Technical Data

Commodity Calcined muscovite mica tape with single side glass fabric
    Type Unit 80CM32G 100CM32G 120CM32G
    Thickness mm 0.10±0.015 0.12±0.015 0.14±0.015
    Density g/m2 135±12 163±12 180±12
    Mica Content g/m2 80±5 105±5 120±5
    Glass Content g/m2 32±3 32±3 32±3
    Bond content g/m2 23±4 26±4 28±4
    Tensile strength N/cm >100 >120 >120
    Dielectric strength kV/layer >1.2 >1.5 >1.8



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